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Quality and constructive peculiarities

It’s a weel-known fact that even careful and well-educated people don’t show special care to surrounding furnishing. At the same time, traces of former guests do not often add positive emotion: one can relax and enjoy staying at the hotel only in completely clean, new rooms. How to reconcile these contradictory phenomena? How to protect the room from damages? How to make every guest feel comfortable even over several years after repairment?

The materials and constructive solutions, strength tests show that SINTEX furniture is resistable to aggressive physical force and service loads.

For production of high quality office furniture utilized materials and fittings should be perfect. Especially this type of materials and constructive solutions we use :

1. Firstly, attention should be paid to materials accessories, chemical and mechanical safety. For instance, in the production  Sintex uses laminated chip board of Austrian trust company EGGER that satisfies the norms of ecological safety (class E1). Being heat resistable material, it is not sensitive to hot objects on the surface.

2. Edge material belongs to German company REHAU, also gurranties quality and safety  of the furniture edges. Tough edge        2 mm thick  is used for coating of all table-tops independable of the furniture series to smooth edge surface, to protect from moisture and to give more aesthetic view.


3. In the furniture designed for hotels  opening, withdrawable mechanisms and fastening elements bear additional  intensive load. Therefore designing our furniture we use hardware of Austrian company BLUM.

All the pedestals, chest of drawers and other products having guide rails are shop assembled, due to it drawers run smoothly and easily.

Guide rails Standart. load max=15 kg  

  Guide rails Tandembox. load max=80 kg

Shelf holder

Turnbuckle system assembly

T&is type of assembly ties, allowing quick and  multiple assembly-disassembly of the furniture not damaging the product quality and providing compact   parts storage.

4.  For all cabinets, racks and tables’ special feet or pads preventing furniture contact with the floor after cleaning and peeling of the edge and laminated chip board swelling are used. More over adjustable feet smooth floor unevenness and add aesthetic features and cabinet sleeper has the design, sustaining heavy loads. The reinforced cabinet bottom can allocate safe of any weight and size.

5. Handles and hooks used for our furniture have galvanic coating of high quality and also are the sign of ergonomics (convenient in use, lack of sharp corners), and bear important aesthetic load.

6. Bed  -the basic hotel room element, sustaining heavy loads. Rigid lamels are used in orthopedical bases, special holders by which lamels are fixed increase structure resistance and it’s service life. 

Beds  have special feet, which allow staff to easily and efficiently carry out wet cleaning under the bed.

Rooms-Transformers by Syntex – is easy to shift beds, turning into a full double bed.

7. Considering the increased maintenance of the facilities, hotels are forced to regularly, the maximum time is two to three years to carry out redecorationation of rooms. Solutions that are specifically designed to protect rooms against damage allow you to make cosmetic repairs not so often and with less expense.

For instance, various wall-attached panels in areas exposed to regular or intensive friction, securely protect wall coverings against scuffing. Thereto «collars» of pedestals, chests, tables and cabinets are used. Besides, the tables have a  special screen under the table-top, which will not let shoes damage or stain the wall.

8. Pedestal for train case placed in a lobby most actively subjected to mechanical stress, induced by train cases with rigid shell. From scratches and chips train case pedestal is protected, firstly,  strong laminated coating, and   special metal rods.

9. Frigobar became an obligatory sign of comfort. Special tables and pedestals with built-in mini-fridge have ventilation and cable ports and also block possible noise from a device.

10. Mobile servicing pedestal   is an unusual element among the hotel furniture. Roomy, comfortable and easy to use pedestal  is designed to service tenants in the room. It fits dishes for several people and products that can be stored at room temperature.

11. Visitors. It is difficult to predict when, where and how much visitors are expected. As a result, visitors are forced to sit by turn, or sit on the bed. Syntex solves this problem in a simple way; by mobile pouffe. Pouffe can be stored under the table without taking up space.

12.   In such a limited space like a hotel room can be few places to watch TV. Special turning support for TV allows you to turn the TV to the desired angle, depending on the location of a person. 

13. Each room should include not only strong and thoughtful cabinets to store clothes, and  wall panels with mirrors and hangers. Due to it, garment, bag or an umbrella can be comfortably placed at the entrance and the wall panels will protect walls from contact with the article of clothing.

14. In cases when the architectural features do not allow to realize the concept using serial furniture, innovative solutions will allow the best use of the hotel  area to achieve the necessary degree of comfort. Design and fabrication of original furniture is particularly essential.

15. We create ergonomic , «stress-resistant» and original rooms, multifunctional meeting and conference areas, considered business centers, and also administrative areas and reception constributing to good work of the staff.

Kid’s rooms

Meeting rooms

Internet areas


Cushioned furniture

16. Kitchens, provided for hotel room installation are designed for every particular room.

17. We suggest various additional elements to improve guests staying in the hotel.

Double suit hanger


Chair«Harmony» and others


The CONCLUSION: Designing and analyzing architecture, using high-quality furniture solutions,  particularly original and unique,  we create guests fidelity. We generate staff fidelity. Our company is specialized at design and complex hotel furnishing, allow saving time and money.

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