Medical furniture

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Several rules for medical furniture arrangement

Furniture for laboratories

Work in laboratory always claims concentration of attention. All the necessary equipment should be located according to the principle of “outstretched arm”, not to distract from searching required materials and chemical reagents; it means that everything must be located at a distance of outstretched arm. For this purpose various desktop partitions, wall hanging cabinets are used. They allow locating frequently used objects in the area of “outstretched arm”. Furniture for laboratories provides a wide choice of tables with drawers and pedestals. Tabletops can be made either of 16 mm thick laminated chipboard or 28 mm strong plastic.  

Dental office

Quick progress in design and production of dental equipment resulted in improvement of dental offices. Now they are more compact and the space is used more efficiently. Easy access to tools and materials during various procedures, especially related to patient treatment should come first. Taking into account the above information, we produce our furniture in the way to provide close collaboration of dentist, nurse and facilities. Pedestal tables equipped with plastic tabletop, corner assembly with a sink and wall hanging cabinets are small-sized, but are spacious enough to store tools and materials. Roller pedestals can be moved to any place in the room.

Patient rooms

Patient rooms in hospitals are small-sized, therefore there can be some difficulties when locating patients and necessary facilities: it is required to locate beds, сontinental headboard pedestal, chairs for visitors, a table and leave space for the doctor or nurse to approach the patient.  Furniture for patient rooms, offered by “Sintex” provides all the necessary components for comfort of the patient staying in the hospital.

Nurse’s station 

Nurse’s station plays an important part in every hospital unit. In fact it comprises all the information relevant to patients and information for medical staff and visitors. Nurse’s station usually consists of several tables with different drawers set, shelves and desktop partitions. Top shelf level should not block field of vision for the nurse and should be comfortable for the visitor. At nurse workplace arrangement it should be considered that the nurse performs various activities (some of them are laborious and have negative impact on health), therefore the furniture should be located for convenience of the nurse.

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