Medical furniture

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Our company specialist will come to your office to make measurements and discuss  design details free of charge.

3D model

Free of charge we make the design of furniture arrangement considering room peculiarities *, room layout and specifics of every person activity.


We delive the product in the short period of time*...


... and assembly in the most convenient time for you..

Ready-made solution

You will impress your guests and provide convenience for the staff, you’ll also obtain warranty and post warranty service. 


* – We create ergonomic , «stress-resistant» and original rooms, multifunctional meeting and conference areas, considered business centers, and also administrative areas and reception constributing to good work of the staff.

Juvenile rooms

Conference rooms

Internet areas


Cushioned furniture

** – delivery around the city is – free. Delivery outside the city is charged. Please consult our advisers.

What is usually meant by design and furnishing? Simple furniture arrangement, standard equipment. But it is not the way to efficiency. Designing and analyzing architecture, using high-quality furniture solutions,  particularly original and unique,  we create guests fidelity. We generate staff fidelity. Our company is specialized at design and complex furnishing.