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Furniture terms glossary

Fiber board fiber board is made of pressed wood dust – wood particles are steamed, wet pressing is used for board fabrication. Therefore fiber board back resembles cottage cheese surface with a “mesh” from the damp gauze. Fiber boards are not thick due to the used technology. Usually one fiber board side is left as it is and the other side is covered by the film (it is laminated).

The raw material is small lumber frpm cleaning cotting, sawn timber and wooddusting industry wastes, cuttings, debris, paper industry and waste paper. In furniture industry fiber boards are used for manufacturing of table and cabinet back panels.

chip board is made of cuttings and flakes, permeated by adhesive, namely formaldihide resins. It is the most coomon used material in furniture production.

There are two types of chip board divided into classes E1 and E2. Class E1 is the quality standard for chip board furniture (standard for pollutant emmissions, namely carcinogenic substance of fenolformaldehide). It means that product manufactured from this laminated chip board   can be used for hospital and juvenile furniture. Class E2 furniture is prohibited to use in juvenile and office furniture production.

Chip boards  are being laminated, it means that the surface is covered by special paper, permeated by polymer resin. Boards received as the result of the above process are correctly called laminated chip board instead of laminate. Laminated chipboard is rather smooth, easily cleaned and do not imbibe liquid. Nevertheless aggressive and abrasive detergents can destroy upper protective cover. Laminated chip boards have a lot of advantages: democratic price, large range of colours  and relevantly high strenght resistance to machanical damages.

Frame is the basic product part for other units to be installed at and fixed on. In cabinet furniture the frame is the combination of panel and bar parts to which doors, hardware, accessories are fixed and takes static and dynamic loads during service life.

Edge ПВХ is a web material used for decorationative finishing of wooden boards ends (chip board and MDF)that are used in furniture production, particular in office furniture production. The edge is made of PVC and represents a tough and wear resistant material. PVC edge protects wooden board ends from different damages and prevents moisture penetration inside wooden boards. The edge thickness is 2mm, available in various colour casts. Polymer edges are made in various colours with printed and embossing design, dull or gloosy surface. They have long life, resistant to acetic acid, ethanol; alkalies do not contain hazardous substance and possess abrsasion resistance.

MDF abbreviation for “close-grained fraction”. It not only reflects the texture of the material but also corresponds to generally accepted latin abbreviation MDF - MittelDichte Fazerplatte (from german medium density fiberboard). MDF is the board made wood dust pressed by vacuum method. Adhesive is lignin that is released from wood timber at heating. The material allows fabrication of beautiful panels, rounded corners. It is moisture-resistant material and do not spring from steam. MDF doors and fronts used for kitchen cabinets and cabinet furniture are in demand due to reasonable price and attractive appearance.

The material is more expensive than chip board but on the other hand it doesn’t possess its disadvantages: retain screws, do not release health hazardous substances. Furthermore MDF board is stronger and possesses greater moisture-resistance. It is produced in a wider range of thickness: from3 to 30 mm, used for home and office furniture production, as cabinet back panel and drawer bottom, with 22mm thickness used as table-top with ergonomic edge on circumference by softforming technology.

Metaboxes are dismountable drawers, their bottom and back panel is made of chip board, with metal side panels covered by powder enamel. Mechanism of fastening drawer front to side panels allows front shifting right-left, up-down and provide smooth and noise-free run thereof.

Foam polyurethane is heat-insulating material, can be rigid or flexible. Type of foam plastic.

Cupboard hinge is the most often used in modern furniture, allows for adjustment in all directions. The hinge part that is fixed to the door is called the cup and the one installed on the panel is called striking plate.

Striking plate is the part of cupboard hinge fixed to the frame to which hinge mechanism installed on the door is attached. Striking plates are divided into straigh-line and cross line.

Softforming We call softforming board strips (particle board or mdf) covered on both faces with melamine paper. This technology is available in wide range of profiles. The edge is smooth without sharp angles that make the product more convenient and safe.

Tandemboxes are dismountable drawers, their bottom and back panel is made of chip board, with side panels having metal wall. Tandemboxes run on synthetic rolls sustaining considerable load (in comparison with metaboxes).

Texture surface finish of the material specified by internal structure. Texture is detected visually and tactile. For instance, weave can form mesh. Blochiness on malachite cut resemble floral pattern. Longitudinal wood cut shows its fiber structure, transverse indicates structure of growth in the form of girdles.Texture is defined by physical and chemical material features that differs it from the finish that depends upon artist individuality.

Surface texture is surface finish. Surface texture is detected visually and tactile. It individually differs from texture and depends upon illumination and personal view. In figurative sense is an individual style. Colours harmony in combination with general colour creates correct material image.

False panel is decorationative plate used for increase of furniture height, hiding free space, levelling walls inequallities.

Hardwarerepresents handles, legs, locks and other parts providing door opening, fixation or locking.

Sleeperis decorationative plate, covering cabinet feet or support plate for cabinet mounting. Not only load-carrying but also decorationative element.

Cabinet coupe (with sliding doors) 1)initial meaning is clothes storage unit separated from the other room by the partition with sliding doors. Special formed sections were designed for sliding doors edging and for their movement special guide rails with top hanger rod or bottom support rolls. Small room appartments designed in Soviet Union and in Russia doesn’t allow for use of clothes storage units and partitions mounted at a distance of 600mm from the wall form built-in cabinet or cabinet with sliding doors. That was the reason that two terms cabinet and coupe were combined.

2) product with sliding doors. Doors run on guide rails (see guide rails).

Shlegel 1) german companu name Schlegel specialized on productrion of flexible sealing profiles made of plastics and brush seals used for slots covering in window frames, door panels and in cabinet furniture units.

2)bumper, pile brushes with 5mm thickness (bumpers) and 10mm thick (dust protection). Sticked to end part of cabinet coupe doors.

Ecoleather”breathing” synthetic leather without PVC. Ecoleather is soft and flexible. Permeability of heat is close to wood and natural leather, it is “warm”. Ecoleather is wearproof.