Medical furniture

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Structural features

Health care institutions safe environment  is a topical and complex issue for medical personnel. Safe environment implies special conditions of work organization in medical preventive institutions, ensuring absense of possibility of infectious diseases and industrial diseases contraction. 

High percentage of medical staff disease incidence is personal injuries at professional duties performance. Nurses have to move patients, heavy equipment and stay in uncomfortable posture for a long time. Medical staff work is slightly mechanized and that’s why the work is connected with heavy physical loads very often in extreme conditions. Continuous exposure to negative factors results in not only injuries but also in locomotorium diseases: spine, lower and upper limbs. Nowadays, back pain is an epidemic of healthcare. Medical staff health status acquires more social significance, so as it defines not only their labor quality, but also their quality of life.  

Only specialized enterprises are authorized to produce medical furniture. It is a science-intensive and high-technological process, combining utilization of modern technologies in furniture production and professional process equipment, satisfying world standards. 


First of all, attention should be paid to materials and accessories medical furniture is produced of, i.e. chemical and mechanical safety.  For example, SINTEX uses laminated chipboard of Austrian corporate group EGGER that meets all the requirements of high ecological safety (class Е1) and can be used in production of medical furniture. To provide continuous use table front is finished by edge material of German company REHAU, that guarantees high-quality, ecological and mechanical safety of furniture edges, having protecting against humidity and reagents. We do not finish tabletops with standard furniture (paper, melamine) edge, since it is easily damaged during first months of service.

Additional intensive load is carried out by opening, pull out devices and fastening elements. Therefore making the design of our furniture we use Austrian hardware BLUM.

Special adjustable feet that allow smoothening floor roughness and making damp sweeping underneath, are used in cabinets and racks. Special feet or pads preventing furniture contact with the floor after cleaning and peeling of the edge and laminated chip board swelling are used.


Storage cabinets for tools and various documentation are of four types: racks without doors, with doors in the lower part (with open and closed part), with panel doors and cabinets with glass in the upper part   (for safety, glass in cabinets is used only in MDF profile). Door levers are used in cabinets (due to plated coating they have long-term service and are less hazardous because of sharp angles absence).

Cabinets are fastened using special assembly ties to prevent falling.

Constructive shelves in cabinets have rigid fastening by means of special ties that prevent them from falling in case of negligent use, at once allowing repeated furniture assembling and disassembling.  

All the cabinets and racks have four height dimensions, two width dimensions and in combination with corner elements (that act as rounding elements). It provides the possibility to equip any office room with the required furniture set.    


A bed is a main object in patient rooms, subjected to overloads.  Therefore every bed component is oriented to save initial strength and reliability. In orthopedic bed base high-strength lamellas are used.  Special holders by means of which lamellas are fixed improve bed frame strength and service life.

Beds are provided with special feet that allow the staff making damp sweeping underneath bed easily and without any difficulties

Chairs and office chairs 

About 90% of work time office staff stay sitting at the working desk.  Alone statistics looks innocent, but if we take into account the fact that sitting position increases pressure in the lower back part by five times in comparison with standing position, the conclusion will be quite alarming.   

Normally, on a stool or chair without harm to health you can sit not more than 15 minutes a day. The seat, which reduces the risk to zero, shall be provided with arms, have a maximum depth of planting and does not pinch the artery behind the knees. Elastic back of anatomic shape reduces the load on the spine. As a result, the structure evenly supports the body over the entire area of its contact with the chair.

Prolonged sedentary work is harmful to a man, in principle: you slouch or lean forward and your spine is deformed, damaging disks, you lift your shoulders and bend your arms, keeping them in suspense - and, naturally, they start to hurt. Constricting vessels, you overload the heart, not speaking about chronic sprains of hand tendons and continually deteriorating eyesight.

If your feet do not reach the floor or you're in the same position for a long time, blood flow is impeded in the legs, which consequently may lead to thrombophlebitis. The foot should rest most of the time on the floor. It is the healthiest position for the foot. This problem can be solved by means of footrest, specially designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the legs after prolonged use. Free-floating platform allows you to place legs as comfortable as possible, improving blood circulation. The stand should have a smooth height adjustment and a massage surface. Monitor stand lifting monitor over the table surface and special table fixture is foreseen for tension relief of shoulder girdle muscles. And for the correct positioning of the spine the "correct" ergonomic chair with the possibility of adjustments is required. 

 Medical staff spends much time sitting up, that results in the following complications:


 CONCLUSION: designing and manufacturing furniture for healthcare facilities "Sintex" follows the above the rules of ergonomics not only to preserve human health, but also to increase productivity.


Selecting medical furniture it is important to consider color. «Sintex» offers furniture of light-grey color. Light grey color doesn’t affect psychoemotional state, have the calming effect and furthermore all the impurities on its surface are visible and can be easily removed. In combination with sky-blue, yellow pastel, light-green or red one can bring variety in any patient’s room or doctor office.

Additional elements

For doctor or nurse work place arrangement we offer desk-top organizers and stationery trays, by means of which one can avoid disorder on the desk and inside the desk. Using hanger hooks and magazine holder one will have all the necessary things at hand. We shouldn’t forget that medical staff is mostly women; therefore mirror is an important part of every room. Free floating foot rest is foreseen to avoid thrombophlebitis and relieve leg tension at prolonged work. Foot rest is height adjustable and has massage surface.

Administrative office furniture

Medical institutes comprise not only doctors’ rooms and patient rooms.  Every hospital has head doctor office, reception room, book-keepers rooms, deputy chief doctor room and many other premises that require furnishing with high-quality and reasonably priced office furniture. SINTEX offers serial office furniture by means of which every office room can be furnished in accordance with its purpose.  

To help little children staying in day and night clinic not to miss their parents «Sintex» offers furniture series for pre-school institutions that gives possibility to furnish any room with the required quality of toy and book stands, tables and chairs, corresponding to child age. For older children going to school, it is possible to organize classroom in order they can study their with hospital teachers (furniture series for educational institutions «Formula» provided by «Sintex» can be used).

We create not only ergonomic, functional, convenient office rooms but also multi-functional conference rooms and conference areas, well thought-out business centers and administrative areas and reception desks oriented to improve work effectiveness.  





Мягкая мебель

Tailor-made furniture

If it is not possible to use line furniture SINTEX is ready to offer tailor-made furniture fabrication in the style of the rest of the furniture.


Sintex offers a kitchen that can be used in laboratories and medical staff dining-rooms. The kitchen consists of modules, width 400 mm and 800 mm, having double bowls sink. Adjustable feet avoid floor unevenness and provide easy cleaning under the cabinets.

Top cabinets have special ventilation slots for air circulation improvement.

Kitchens to be used in patient rooms and other premises of medical institution are designed for every specific room.

 CONCLUSION: Use of ergonomics principles in medicine helps not only to improve medical staff conditions of work but also increase quality of administering medical aid, creates personnel, patients and relatives loyalty.

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