Medical furniture

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About company 

Trade and industrial company “Sintex” is specialized in development, production, gross sale and retail sale of office furniture.

We combine the best production technologies with the best clients’ service. The wide range of output products, constantly updating lineup, modern trends find reflexion in the new furniture series and satisfy any client. 

About production

For production of high quality furniture utilized materials and fittings should be perfect. Especially this type of materials we use.

Equipment and technologies used for materials processing and fittings installation provide the possibility for our company to produce furniture compliant with highest consumer standards of quality and ergonomics.

Production complex 1500m2 in area is equipped by high-technology equipment and numerical control which provides high-grade parts processing and also allowing execution of large volume orders during minimum period of time.

Company «Sintex» selecting the equipment gave preference to Italian machine-building corporation SСМ. Machines of the above company are distinguished by exclusive accuracy and material processing quality.